Friday, January 5, 2007

Yottalook Labs Launched

Today, we launched Yottalook Labs. It is a place where we will be demonstrating various projects we are working on. New innovations are constantly being worked on at iVirtuoso, and we wanted to give the public a sneak preview of some of the projects that are currently in progress. With the launch of Yottalook Labs, we are showing two prototypes: Yottalook Anatomy and Yottametta. These are both interactive prototypes that you can test out and give feedback on.

Yottalook Anatomy is a search engine designed to expedite searching for anatomy related information on the web. Keeping those in the field of radiology in mind, we used an algorithm to give higher relevance to imaging-related anatomy content. Like the other Yottalook search engines, one can refine the results further. For example, you can type in “knee” and then filter by selecting “AP/PA” in the results page and get the labeled anteroposterior view of the knee.

Yottametta is a prototype meta image search engine. Many users have expressed desire to be able to search for images with thumbnail previews. Yottametta offers this type of user interface by utilizing various image search engines already in existence offered by various journal sites. While you will not need subscription to preview the images, some images may require login/subscription for download. For those who want to expand the search results even further, try selecting the “snap” tab.

As each project matures, we will release it on the main Yottalook page. So go ahead and check them out at the Yottalook Labs today by pressing the small “Yottalook Labs” icon on the bottom of the main Yottalook page or by visiting directly at

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