Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yottalook Radiology Search - Now Live!

Yottalook is a free Radiology centric search engine with version 1.0 released as beta. The image search feature provides results from peer-reviewed content in radiology literature only and the reference feature provides results from journals and teaching files online. You can access the search tool at

Please provide comments and feedback so that we can enhance the user experience. For those interested in checking out upcoming features can visit for a look at the alpha version. The alpha version 1.1 is unreliable as it is still undergoing testing and may be down at times. Please provide comments on this blog or via the contact us link on


Daphne said...

Hey there, this is an awesome radiology software program. Check it out!

Radiology Software
Let me know what you think.

DANIEL said...

really want to know more about this system of Radiology, I would implement it in miclinica for studies to verify the operation in respirtorios serious problems as respiratory system diseases