Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yottalook Anatomy - Revised Refinements

Today, we are releasing new refinements for the Yottalook Anatomy search engine ( First, you will notice a new refinement called, "Atlas >>". Selection of this "label" will direct the user to another set of label hierarchy, which includes modality and axis plane. What's the purpose? One of the original purposes of creating a radiology-centric anatomy search engine was to serve as a source of various online atlases. We wanted to separate out the atlases from other anatomy-related sites and journal articles. Now, selection of "Atlas >>" will only link you to online atlases. For example, type in "knee" and do a search. Then, click on "Atlas >>". Once you have been directed to the next level of labels, select "AP/PA" and click on any of the returned results.

In addition, similar to the current refinements in the Yottalook References engine, you will find "Google Scholar" and "Not enough results?" labels, which will search through Google Scholar and the entire web, respectively. Also, similar to the current References engine, we have implemented a checkbox option for returning only articles in PDF format.

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