Friday, January 12, 2007

Yottalook Images Search Engine Expands Coverage

Yottalook has expanded its journal coverage. When we first began our beta testing of the Yottalook Images search engine ( back in mid-December, we initially started out by searching through radiology journals only. We have been gradually increasing the number of radiology journals covered. Since about three weeks ago, we have started to include non-radiology journals as well. However, the algorithm for this is trickier as typically non-radiology journals contain many figures that are not directly relevant to the field of radiology. We decided to test out our new algorithm by searching through The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). We silently rolled out this new addition little less than 2 weeks ago. If you would like to see a demonstration of its implementation, type in "ectopic calcinosis" into our Images search engine.

After we were satisfied with the results we were getting with the NEJM, we have since increased our coverage, including journals like JAMA and Annals of Internal Medicine, among several others. To test out its implementation, go ahead and type in terms like "AIDS brain", "anthrax", and "duodenal gastrinoma". Unfortunately, not all radiological images from these various journals have been indexed by Google as of date. As a result, the search results through these journals are less than complete, but we do provide those radiology-related figures that have been indexed by Google and will provide more as they become available.

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