Friday, March 2, 2007

Yottalook Anatomy: New Changes & Tips

This past month, we have been continuing to improve the current beta Yottalook Anatomy engine. You can access this engine either in our Yottalook Labs or directly by typing in

One of the common search queries for radiologists is related to anatomy. This engine was designed to provide anatomy-related information. Below is a set of revised refinements.

The engine will return results first from various online atlases. Hence, if search for "knee" and then select the "AP/PA" refinement, you will get a result that would show you a labeled radiograph image of a frontal view of the knee. By default, the online atlas results will show up first.

However, some of you may be looking for radiology journal articles on anatomy. Then, you can try to refine your search further by selecting "Search Radiology Journals >>". For example, type in "deep transverse metatarsal ligament" and then select "Search Radiology Journals >>" and then click on "Images Only" to get a drawing of it in a radiology journal.

Or, if you are just looking for detailed anatomy information from a classic anatomy textbook like Gray's Anatomy, simply click on "Search Gray's Anatomy".

Give it a try today and give us feedback on how to improve this engine.

Yottalook Images Improvements

I know we at Yottalook have been rather quiet this past month in terms of blog entries, but it is because we have been extremely busy working on new features. While many of the features are still being tested internally, I wanted share with you some of the new features that have been added this past month. This particular blog entry will describe some of the new features added to the Images engine.

First, we have expanded the exclusion options to exclude not only "Charts/Graphs" but also "Histo" for histology as this has been a feature that has been requested by some of the users.

Second, now the users have two options of displaying their results. You will notice the new set of options below the search box called "Individual Fig" and "Grouped Fig". The first option is selected by default. The second option "Grouped Fig" is a new option when selected returns not one but all the images from a particular article. This option is useful if you are looking for a series of images from a particular article so that you don't have to click on individual result links. Below is a graphical representation of how the returned results would differ. You can see this by clicking on the "What's this?" link next to the options. This feature is also in response to various users' request for a more grouped results. We hope you will find these features useful and potentially speed your browsing. If you have any suggestions, please provide your feedback.