Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yottalook with Improved User Interface

While radio buttons work well for selection of which search engine to use from the Yottalook homepage, its use and function on the results page have been less than optimal with the Reference engine always being selected by default regardless of the engine used to get to the results page. Today, we announce improved user interface that addresses this issue. Now, you will be directed to the specific results page for the search engine used. In addition, with the other engine hyperlinked on top of the search box, the user can easily switch back and forth between the Images and References engines and see the results change without having to retype in the search term(s) or pressing Enter/Search button following selection of the alternate engine.

In addition, we have launched a separate advanced search option for the Images engine. From the main page, selection of "Advanced Search" will open up different Advanced Search page depending on which engine has been selected (via radio button).

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