Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yottalook Anatomy Update - Get Radiological Anatomy Content From Select Journals

Following the release of Yottalook Labs this past week, I had one of the residents test out the Yottalook Anatomy engine ( The first anatomical structure he wanted to look for was "Artery of Adamkiewicz". After couple attempts at finding the correct spelling, we found out that the engine failed to return any results. Surprised, I broadened the search by looking up "Artery of Adamkiewicz" on Google Images and snap. I still was not satisfied with the search results. When I did a web search for the term, I got results from sites such as Wikipedia and Who Named It. As a radiologist, when I type in "Artery of Adamkiewicz", I expect to find either information about that anatomical structure and/or an image of it. This little experience has led to revising the engine. Since this past week, we have tweaked our engine to search only for anatomy-related information from select radiology journals. The reasons for limiting the number of journals covered were two fold: 1) to maximize relevancy for those in the field of radiology and 2) to test out this new algorithm prior to increasing the number of journals covered. As a result, now when you type in "Adamkiwiecz", you will get results on this structure that is (hopefully) more relevant to radiologists.

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