Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yottalook with New Interface

We have updated our Yottalook interface. The "References" engine has been renamed as "Web" and has been made the default engine. This change was made as what is now the "Web" engine has a broader coverage of radiology-related web content than the "Images" engine. You can still access the "Images" engine through the hyperlinked-interface both on the main page as well as the results pages.

If you click on the "Images" engine without entering a search query, it will take you to the "Images" main page. If you click on the "Images" engine after you type in the query term, you will be taken directly to the "Images" results page. The benefit of the new hyperlinked-interface is that it allows users to switch between the two engines without having to retype in the search term and quickly view the results from different engines.

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