Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yottalook Launches Yottalook Reader

This weekend we launched a beta version of new online service called Yottalook Reader. You can access this at "" or by clicking on a small banner on the main page:

Now, you can keep up to date on your favorite radiology sites easily with Yottalook Reader. Yottalook Reader gathers the latest online cases, news, blogs and journal articles. It also gathers additional latest radiology-related information online, such as meetings, conferences, jobs, grants, podcasts, videos, and clinical trials. They are sorted in easy to navigate folders.

When you click on a folder, you can see individual sites and filter your content even further.

When you select "Latest Cases", you will see additional viewing options on top.

When you click on the "Start Image Gallery" option, the latest images from online cases will be presented to you in a format similar to Cover Flow seen in iTunes.

When you click on the "Start Slide Show" option, the latest images will be presented to you in "3D Wall" format using Cooliris (similar to option you currently see with our Yottalook Images engine).

You can also search the latest cases, news and blog entries using our search box. This search box will not search for other content, such as journal articles, jobs, meetings and clinical trials. We are working to provide additional search capability in the near future. Of note, the journal articles are best searched using our Yottalook Journals search engine.

If you would like to see other radiology-related sites included in the Yottalook Reader, please contact us. We hope you will find this useful.

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