Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Yottalook Journals Engine

With the newest update, we have introduced beta version of a new search engine, "Journals". Our new Journals engine allows users to search within radiology journals. Similar to our other engines, we have allowed options to filter by imaging modalities. Additional special filters exist, including "Review Articles", "Related Articles" and "Repeat Search in This Journal Only" options. We have used same query expansion technique employed in other Yottalook engines to increase relevance of search results. The "More..." button allows users ability to view the entire abstract without having to click on the search result.

What if you do not want to limit your search just to the radiology journals? Right underneath the search box, you will notice "Radiology Only" as well as "Search All" options. Radiology Only is selected by default, but one can click on "Search All" to expand search to include non-radiology journals as well.

We hope users will find this new search engine useful. Please feel free to provide your feedback as we want to constantly improve this beta engine.

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