Monday, May 21, 2007

Yottalook Anatomy

With the new upgrade, we moved the Yottalook Anatomy to the main engine after many revisions and updates. We have found that many users look for anatomy-related information online, but the information they are looking for usually are not contained in the first set of results returned due to various reasons. For the anatomy engine, we have focused on atlas-type of content. We also included various journal articles that contain anatomy-related information.

You can access this engine by clicking on "Anatomy" on top of the search box.

With the new version, we have also added feature to automatically detect when a user is searching for anatomy and specifically filter out results so that they appear similar to the dedicated anatomy engine even when the user is searching for information on the main "Web" engine. This is just one of many new algorithms we have implemented to better understand the incoming query and tailor the results displayed accordingly.

We always welcome feedback, so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions.

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